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    These terms of use apply when you access and use the website www.prasinipriza.com (the
    Website) and the services and information provided there from. Before using the Website,
    you must read these terms carefully. By using the Website you declare that you have read,
    understood and accept these terms. If you do not agree with these terms then you must
    refrain from using the Website any longer.

    The Website is provided to legal entities and adults who are in a position to make binding
    contracts within the framework of applicable legislation. In the case of underage persons,
    the use of this Website is made subject to the consent of the user’s guardians.  


    This Website belongs to and is managed by Athina Kyriakidou Christofidou. Each and all of
    the intellectual property rights related to the Website as well as its contents, including the
    wording, graphics, images and other data appearing on the Website are the exclusive
    property of the manager and/or owner of the Website, its related companies or third
    parties which are explicitly mentioned within the Website, as the case may be, who have
    granted the right and or license to the manager and/or owner of the Website to use same.
    Such data may not be used or interfered with in any way without the written express
    consent of their right holders. The content is protected by intellectual property laws
    applicable in Cyprus. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, amend, rent, borrow, sell or use
    them for the creation of derivative works. It is further forbidden to upload, transmit in any
    form or manner, translate in any language or distribute any of the aforementioned content
    contained in the Website which is protected by intellectual property rights without the
    prior written consent of the manager and/or owner of the Website or of any third party to
    whom they belong, as the case may be, in any other way.


    The Website has the purpose of providing educational material for children with or without
    learning difficulties. The subjects dealt with in the Website are not covered fully. All
    information provided to users are provided free of charge, strictly for educational and/or
    personal use. It is prohibited to use the information provided for commercial use. It is
    prohibited to use the material contained in the Website without making a reference to the
    Website address www.prasinipriza.com.


    The manager and/or owner of the Website have the right to review and update these Terms
    of Use at any time.  Your continued use of the Website following any change of these Terms
    of Use means that you accept these changes. Every item, and in general the whole content of
    the Website may be amended, completed, deleted or updated at any time without notice at
    the manager’s and/or owner’s absolute discretion.


    The Website may contain links to other websites and third party resources (Links) for
    facilitating users. The manager and/or owner of the Website make an effort to provide
    Links which are the most useful in relation to the purposes of the Website; nevertheless, no
    liability is undertook as regards the contents of the said Links. For any problems arising
    during the use of the Links, users must directly refer to the relevant websites which are
    responsible for the provision of their services. In addition, the use of Links is subject, inter
    alia, without limitation, to the relevant policies, terms and conditions and privacy policies
    applicable with respect to each Link.


    You agree that the manager and/or owner of the Website may terminate or suspend the use
    of the Website, the services, its content and/or the information at their absolute discretion
    at any time and for any reason with or without excuse. In this event, you are required to
    stop using the Website. In addition, you agree that the manager and/or owner of the
    Website shall not be responsible either to you or towards any third party for any
    termination or suspension of access to the Website, the information and/or the services.

    Operation of the Website

    We do not guarantee to any extent the uninterrupted use of the Website or the operation of
    this Website without errors. The manager and/or owner of the Website shall not be liable
    for damage caused to users arising from any interruption of access to the Website for
    technical reasons or due to problems that may affect or obstruct or suspend the operation
    of the Website.

    No Guarantees

    The manager and/or owner of the Website make every possible effort to provide accurate
    information. Nevertheless, the manager and/or owner of the Website take no responsibility
    for any errors or omissions and make no guarantees with respect to the results of using the
    Website, the information and generally of the content. The use of the above is made under
    the users’ risk. The manager and/or owner of the Website make no guarantee with respect
    to the suitability of the contents of the Website for any particular purpose, to the maximum
    extent permissible by law. The manager and/or owner of the Website give no guarantees as
    to the preciseness, completeness or safety of the services, the content or the information
    provided through the Website.

    Limitation of Liability

    To the extent permitted by law, the manager and/or owner of the Website limit their
    liability to 1 Euro.

    The manager and/or owner of the Website shall not be responsible in any event if a user of
    the Website uses the services of any advertiser or any service provided though any Link.

    Applicable Law

    These Terms of Use are subject to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.  


    Purpose of Processing and Information we collect

    We understand the importance of the privacy of the visitors of our Website. We maintain
    confidential any information we obtain about visitors of our Website. We will not disclose
    or sell any confidential or personal data we collect concerning users to any third parties
    except to the extent permitted by law. We may collect names, addresses, email addresses
    and telephone numbers you provide when you wish to communicate with us through the
    Website or for the purpose of communicating with you for sending you informational
    material with respect to the matters in our Website.

    Security of Processing

    We treat your data as proprietary information that require protection against loss and
    unauthorised access. We use technical security measures for the protection of confidential
    information against unauthorised access. The website uses generally accepted data security
    techniques such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptography for the proper
    protection of personal data from unauthorised use.

    IP Addresses

    The Website collects IP Addresses for the purpose of management of the system, security
    and statistical analysis. An IP Address is a number given automatically to a computer
    whenever it is connected to the Internet. We process such addresses and analyse them in
    order to understand where they come from in order to provide a better service, improve
    security, ensure proper use and extract statistical traffic data.

    Amendment, Review and Deletion of Personal Data

    The users of the Website who provide us with their personal data have a right to amend,
    review or delete the data provided.

    Information you supply

    The manager and/or owner of the Website shall not be responsible with regards to any
    comments or material provided by users and shall be free to use same and to disclose it to
    third parties without limitation.

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